Cokin Ultra Slim: Something small and thin to protect your lens

by Mike Evans

The Fuji 27mm pancake lens is commendably compact. It doesn't come with a lens hood and, so far, I have not found one necessary. But that lens does need a bit of protection and my first thought was to screw in one of the many 39mm UV filters I have for Leica lenses. All are thick, especially the otherwise excellent B+W versions. It does seem a pity to add several unnecessary millimeters to such a small lens.

I remembered seeing an advertisement for Cokin's Pure Harmony ultra-slim filters and went to Amazon to order one. It arrived today and I am truly impressed. While I haven't checked the performance, this ultra-slim filter is hardly noticeable when screwed in to the pancake lens. Aesthetically it is absolutely perfect.

So pleased am I that I have ordered two more 39s to fit Leica lenses and, if happy, I will be looking for a couple of 46s. They are a lot cheaper than most filters deemed suitable for covering such rarefied glass but I have no reason to believe they will not perform faultlessly.

Challenge: Leica M-P v Fuji X-T1

by Mike Evans

Here are two pictures of the same bit of wall in Buxton Street, just off Brick Lane. There are two cameras and lenses: One is taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 41mm-equivalent Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 and the other is with a Leica M-P and 50mm Summilux f/1.4. Both at ~f/8, both converted from RAW using the same preset in Silver Efex Pro.  Exif data has been stripped. Which is which?