Leica M or Leica M-P: The choice is easy

In the market for a Leica M as autumn approaches? Should it be the two-year-old M or the new stealthy M-P at a £550 premium? It's a tough choice but, for the moment, my advice would be to get the M-P if you can. This is despite the discounts currently being offered on the M. 

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Steve gets a chrome Monochrom and a stealthy M-P

After selling his Leica M in favour of the new Sony A7s, Steve Huff has now splashed out on not one M but two. In this video, published on his site, he gives you a good overview of both his new M-P and the handsome chrome version of the Monochrom. Very lustworthy cameras,

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Leica T: Image samples using modern M lenses

Leica's new T plays extremely well with all the modern M lenses I have tried during the recent test. I have no reason that many legacy lenses will not perform well but only modern lenses, with six-bit coding will transmit lens information to the camera and hence to the metadata. This gallery of images relates to the test of the Leica T camera which you can find here:

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It's a Leica, she said, it's made in Germany

John Naughton, writing in The Observer, tells us why he likes his Leica. It has been a lifelong addiction, ever since when, as a teenager, he met a photographer who had all of two cameras to play with:

She reached into her bag, took something out, leaned towards me and placed it in my outstretched hand. I nearly dropped it! I was expecting something of the weight of a Box Brownie. Instead I found myself holding a silver-grey metallic object that looked more like a scientific instrument than any camera I'd ever seen. "It's a Leica," she said. "It's made in Germany."

Read the full story, with an excellent account of the early Leica story, here.

Thanks to my friend Maurice Baker of the London Mac Group for the heads up on this little story.

Leica M: Is a Photokina upgrade due?

This week's pre-Photokina announcement of the Leica M-P has raised the possibility of a minor upgrade to the two-year-old M (type 240) at next month's exhibition. In the past the -P version of the M cameras (as with the M9 and M9-P) has been differentiated solely by a tougher screen and the suppression of front branding.

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Leica M-P the buffer slayer

The interesting thing about the new and certainly predictable Leica M-P is not the sapphire screen, nor the ultra-discreet appearance. No, it is the additional features that address two of the known criticisms of the M since it was introduced in 2012. The buffer was too small, at 1GB, and even in normal operations there was sometimes a significant delay while files were written to disk. M connoisseurs will see this as a major improvement.

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Leica launches new M-P with additional features

Following previous practice, Leica today announces a discreet, logo-free version of the M (type 240) to be known as the M-P (not to be confused with the film Leica MP). It retains all the styling cues of the M, including the electronic bright line viewfinder, but adds a larger buffer memory, a sapphire crystal monitor screen and a frame selection lever.

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Photographic magazines versus Readly's all-you-can-read subscription

Do you still buy magazines? I have completely stopped buying any type of magazine, whether on photography or other subjects. Not only is it a potentially expensive business, forking out for magazines brings you a lot of news that you read in its original on the internet a month or six weeks before.

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Leica M: The Expanded Guide by David Taylor

David Taylor's new (June 2014) treatise on the M is different. While it is undoubtedly suitable for newcomers, particularly newcomers to rangefinder cameras, the guide has a great deal to offer the experienced Leica user. It is well illustrated with working examples of the M's capabilities and the whole book is a good read--something that cannot always be said.

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