Top ten posts on Macfilos this week

by Mike Evans

Again this week top ranking in MacFilos posts went to our review of the Fujinon XF 18-135 weather-resistant zoom lens. There is still huge interest in using Leica lens on both Sony and Fuji cameras; and my new friend Neil the M7 climbed up the rankings. Camera tests over the past two years continue to be popular magnets for readers

  1. Fuji XF18-135 review Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Fuji X-T1: Better street camera than the X100?
  3. Leica lenses on Sony A7 cameras
  4. Leica M7: Meet Neil of Old Street in his lizard suit
  5. Leica Summarit 2014 lens range previewed
  6. Fuji X-E1 in use with Leica lenses
  7. Leica X-Vario camera review
  8. Sony and Fuji with Leica lenses
  9. Leica M-P camera review 
  10. Leica C camera review

Fuji announces firmware updates for X-series cameras

by Mike Evans

Fuji's barnstorming X-T1 will get an electronic shutter speed of up to 1/32,000sec in the latest firmware update which will be available on December 18. Firmware v3.0 will bring optional silent operation with the mechanical shutter disabled when electronic is selected.

Among other changes are improvements to manual focus, a classic chrome film simulation, a natural live view function "just like the naked eye", and separate EVF/LCD colour control. For a full list of improvements see Fujifilm's press release here.

Many of the same improvements, but not the fast electronic shutter, will be included in simultaneous updates for the X-E1, X-E2 and X-Pro 1 cameras. Full details here.

Tom Gill has produced a great detailed summary of the new features

Sony announces A7 Mark II with in-body stabilisation

by Mike Evans

Today's announcement of the Sony A7 Mark II, coming just twelve months after the company launched the world's first full-frame mirrorless camera, is significant for the entire industry. Up to now, any interchangeable-lens camera with a sensor bigger than four-thirds has had to rely on lens-based stabilisation. This is fine for zooms but leaves primes, especially longer primes and legacy lenses, out in the cold. What effect will Sony's announcement have on other industry players in the large-sensor mirroless game?

Read Mike's reaction here

Hong Kong: A great street shot recorded on a Leica MP-6

by Mike Evans

Theodore Diehl's impromptu shot of a quirky bunch of Umbrella Autumn protesters caught my eye when it appeared in The Leica Society's monthly Circle D selection. This is a great street shot recorded on a great camera, the exclusive Leica MP-6.

Read the full story here

Leica M-A: We're in love, we're smitten

by Mike Evans

No, not my words but those of Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer:

No, really–we’re in love. We’re smitten. The Leica M-A is an absolutely timeless piece that belong in the hands of only a few. It’s not for the bourgeois, but for the photographer who wants to be reminded of their roots and experience their first love all over again

This is an excellent review of the new M-A which I described in September as the thinking man's camera. For the film purist who wants absolute simplicity and doesn't wish to rely on electronics or unreliable batteries, this camera is the natural choice. Others, who need a bit of a leg-up in the exposure setting stakes will stay with the MP, the M6 or go for the aperture-priority automation of the M7. But the M-A is the nearest camera you can get to a brand new M3 or M2. I love it too.


Leica C tested by Dxomark: Elegant, capable, struggles in low light

by Mike Evans

When I reviewed the Leica C earlier this year I loved it and I even bought one. I continue to use the C as a convenient pocket camera. I find it extremely capable and, frankly, I do not notice the alleged poor low-light performance. It is a great travel camera and I often slip it in the bag along with an M and a couple of lenses

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