3G and iPhone: Strange doings at O2

Posted on by Mike Evans

There has been considerable press comment about 3G problems encountered by iPhone users. Apparently many users report that their phones drop the 3G connection suddenly. Yet a group of boffins in Sweden last week reported that the iPhone was no worse (or no better) in 3G performance than phones from other manufacturers.

I don't know. But I do know that I am experiencing strange happenings with my own iPhone and its connection with O2 in the UK. I've noticed that even in areas of known strong reception (for instance, yesterday in a service area on the M3 motorway) I get a full set of signal bars only for the connection to disappear. It's on, off, on like switching on and off a light.

I'm not new to 3G and I've had experience over the past three years with several phones, including Windows Mobile devices. On none of them have I seen this sort of random behaviour. If you have a good signal you keep it. If you have a bad signal, well, it might get better by moving around.

I cannot believe the fault lies with O2 because similar problems are being reported around the world, in particular with AT&T in the USA. It will be interesting to know if other UK iPhone users are experiencing similar problems.

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