Windows 7: the best thing to happen to OS X

Posted on by Mike Evans

Windows7Welcome to Windows 7. I've been following the approach of the new OS for over a year. Had I been a regular WIndows user I would certainly have taken part in the 7 Beta programme that's been running for many months. And I would definitely be upgrading this week. All the reports I've read have been very complimentary and  I get the impression that, for the first time, Windows offers real competition to Mac's OS X. 

In reality, though, the potential success of Windows 7 is the best thing that could happen to Apple and, in particular, to Mac consumers. Strong competition is a sure-fire recipe for advancement on all fronts. There is nothing worse than complacency. Now, with Windows 7 on the table, there will certainly be no hint of laurel-resting in Cupertino.

At the moment I'm running an old copy of Windows XP in my Parallels Desktop emulator. I'm strongly tempted, though, to buy the new Microsoft OS just for a play. Maybe I will be converted back from Mac five years after I found that Mac Mini on the Damascus road. Then again....

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