Tweet anyone?

Posted on by Mike Evans

I may be an ancient Macfanboy but I'm not backward in adopting new technology. Not for me the ancient G4 and a copy of Apple Works. Give me the latest OS and the rammiest computer money can buy. I just like new things. But I have to say that I feel deprived because I cannot get used to Twitter. Everyone, especially the podcasters, rave about Twitter. Tour_1

Tweeting is the new publishing and anyone who doesn't tweet every minute of the day is somehow a Luddite. Well I've tweeted and twotterd and can't see the point of it. During the over-hyped mini riots of last week's G20 meeting in the City, I thought I'd monitor events on Twitter. Well, I have to say most of the comments were illiterate and difficult to read ("BG @twitbox:  pleze relay video of assault on innocient rioter") and I couldn't really see the point of it. I've tried, I really have, 'onest officer. 

I twittered MacOldie but was profoundly embarrassed to record I was eating a bacon sandwich in Fouberts' caff. Who on earth, except my digestive system, is interested in this? Maybe I am too old/out of step/slow of learning but I do wonder sometimes.

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