At the shrine of the Blessed Steve Jobs

Posted on by Mike Evans

I see that we have no fewer than 20 Apple Stores in the UK, including the brand-new offering in the Westfield Mall, only a mile or two from my home in West London. But it was the venerable Regent's Street store I was entering on SatPhoto_whitecity
urday when I heard an Apple geek talking to a puzzled middle-aged woman about the joys of switching from her PC. I hope he was successful in his persuasion because I cannot now imagine not having my Macs and my iPhone. 

The whole experience from Apple is so smooth and trouble-free. It does come at a premium, though, and Microsoft's new US ads highlight the fact that you can get a 17-in laptop from XYZ for under $1,000 but all you can get from Apple is a 13-in MacBook. So be it. But the difference is not that huge when you bear in mind that Macs have a strong resale value and move quickly on eBay. Not long ago I sold a MacBook after two years' ownership for a staggering 60% of what I paid for it. Try doing that with a PC, however big the screen and however many gadgets are tacked on. The overall cost of ownership is therefore far less than the retail price differences would suggest.

Of course,  my credit card is always twitching when I enter any Apple Store and I confess I have occasionally bought things I didn't really need because the staff are so nice and friendly. Now I have the Westfield Mall store within walking distance I shall have to exercise restraint.

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