MacBook Air: Glass screen cover out in interests of weight/size

Posted on by Mike Evans

There is one disappointing aspect of the new MacBook Air models that I hadn't appreciated until I held the 11-in model in my hand this morning. No glass screen cover. I know the old MacBook Air had a naked screen, as with most older laptops from all manufacturers, but I had assumed this was transitional decision rather than a pragmatic omission based on weight and depth. We're so used to glass screens on the MacBook Pro range, the iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad that it comes as a bit of a shock go back to the difficult-t0-clean unprotected screen of the Air. Cleaning the glass screens is a breeze - a quick squirt of water and a wipe is all that's needed and there's no danger of scratching. Unfortunately, with the slightly pliable synthetic surface of a naked LCD screen cleaning can be a problem - and you have to be exceptionally careful how you wipe to avoid scratching. I suppose this is something we have to put up with, but the lack of glass is definitely a minus point as far as I am concerned. 

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