Kindle Case: Do the fixing tags cause electrical problems?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Kindle case
Yesterday the net was abuzz with rumours that something is not quite right with the standard leather Kindle case for the latest-generation reader. Apparently some users have found that their Kindles keep switching off or freezing when they're in the case. Twin culprits, allegedly, are the fixing hooks that click into two holes on the left of the Kindle and keep it firmly inside the case. So the story goes, the two holes include electrical contacts which are used to power the lamp in the more expensive Kindle case with reading lamp. Somehow, it seems, the clips on the standard non-lit case are causing the problem. I can't offer any technical help on this; it may be just a rumour and Amazon, of course, haven't made any pronouncement.

All this reminded me that I've had some strange happenings with my Kindle, always when it is in the case. It has switched off suddenly on a number of occasions and I've had a couple of freeze ups. I didn't think much of it, but if the case is at fault we need to find out. Currently, I've removed the case and am using the naked device to see if this improves matters. 

In my Kindle review I did complain about the case but on a completely separate issue. When closing the case the pressure often presses one of they keys with unpredictable results. On many occasions I've found the Whispersync bookmark has gone back a chapter or two - presumably as a result of pressing the "back" button. More annoyingly, I have found Whispersync has moved right to the end of the book and I have to go searching around to remember where I was. If this happens, all your devices are synced to the last page and there's nothing you can do to persuade Whispersync to start again. The problem here, of course, is not specifically the case but the presence of a physical keyboard. I still believe it's a nuisance, neither use nor ornament, and we would be better with a touch OS with virtual keyboard as on the Sony range. 

All this leads me to rather dislike the case and I really wish I'd gone for one of the neoprene sleeves that Amazon also sell. I find holding the Kindle without the case is much more comfortable (and lighter) and definitely more satisfying as an experience. 

I telephoned Kindle customer support yesterday to ask if I could change the case for an alternative and they have yet to come back to me. More information to come if anything happens. 

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