MacBook Air: Is it the gadget of the year?

Posted on by Mike Evans

This is the time of the year when we are all supposed to make lists: The 50 best iPhone apps, the tablet of the year and so forth. The iPad has dominated the Mac blogs and I think I agree that it is the iPad that has had the biggest influence on the tech world in 2010. But I warmed to Om Malik's choice in GigaCom. He believes the new MacBook Air (in his case the 13-in model) to be the gadget of the year. 

I really understand why he should say this. My 11-in Air is definitely the one product that has changed my working life for the better. I now take it everywhere with me and it is instantly ready whenever I need it. It is light, small and has a reasonable battery life without having to feel you need to be near a power socket. It is hardly more cumbersome than the iPad (which I bought and then sold) but does everything. There are still some things that are difficult to do on the iPad - not least of which being efficient editing of documents in the knowledge that the file will be up to date via Dropbox when you return to base. 

So I will second Om Malik's choice. The MacBook Air is truly revolutionary for Mac users.

Source GigaCom via The Brooks Review

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