iPad: Unfair Criticism and Valid Concern

Posted on by Mike Evans

Readers following the iPad saga should take a look at Jeremy Horwitz's excellent analysis of the reactions to the launch of the new Apple product in iLounge.  He prefaces the editorial with a bold statement on behalf of iLounge: "Despite every attempt that has been made over the past week to trivialize the iPad, we want to be clear: we believe that the iPad will be an important and extremely successful product for Apple."

Not since the launch of the iPhone have I seen such polarisation of views. You could be forgiven for thinking we are talking Richard Dawkins versus religion, such is the fervour. I have gone on record that I think the iPad will be a massive sales hit for Apple and that it is a game-changer of the first order. I'll stick by that, and I take heed of Horwitz's assertion that virtually everyone who has criticised the device has never actually used one. It was the same with the iPhone.

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