Selling your iPhone: Apple's device brings top cash

Posted on by Mike Evans

It was no surprise to read that Apple’s iPhone brings top price when selling or recycling. Recycling website reports that owners of a 32GB iPhone 3GS can expect just over £300 back when it comes time to sell. Even a 16GB 3G model will pull in over £200. The rest of the pack is trailing, with the glitzy Vertu Signature (the one you find in jewellery stores and costing thousands) struggling at £197. Apple products may be expensive to buy, but the real cost of ownership is less than many assume. A MacBook will fetch a hefty proportion of its new price when it’s time for an eBay listing and the same goes for all models in the range. You may spend a thousand pounds but you’ll be surprised to find £500 or even £600 coming back into PayPal at the end of ownership. It’s always a nice contribution to the next Mac in line. 

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