Das iPad: Blast from the Alps puts Jobs in his place

Posted on by Mike Evans

Author: Michael Evans

There are worse places in the world to get stranded than Switzerland, the land of cowbells and roesti potatoes. The great Ash Cloud descended as I was flying from Athens to London yesterday and I found myself grounded in Geneva, normally a delightful spot. But thanks to Iceland's revenge on Europe, the airport looked more like the trenches on the Somme, with frustrated passengers sleeping all over the floor. I have now given up all hope of reaching England until next week and have rented a little car to take me to the alps, where all is peace and quiet (apart from the cowbells). I've even got myself an hotel with free internet, so I can blog away to my heart's content.

I thought this enforced interlude would give me a break from iMania (which I confess to fuelling) but it was not to be. Opening the local daily, NZZ, I discovered a whole page devoted to the new pad(R) and it was, for a change, not overflowing with praise for Herr Jobs. The headline: "The reality beyond the I-Magic" was followed by "Is it another instance of insane hype? Or is it ground zero of a new generation of devices?"

No, author Walter Hagenbuechle started off in fine fettle: "An iPod in XXL format" and "is it simply a 24x19x1,3 cm fat iPhone?" Then came the usual caveats, such as no USB, no printing, no camera but, grudgingly, I felt, acknowledgement that the new 1GHz processor was blitz fast.

I get the impression that Herr Hagenbuechle is less than impressed by Steve's hype. But, meanwhile, Apple stock forges ahead and worldwide shortages of pads fuel insane prices on eBay. Altogether, this blast from the alps is an injection of penicillion for the iFection from Cupertino. Good on you, Walter.

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