Road Warrior: Cables and connectors but no socks

Posted on by Mike Evans

Author: Michael Evans

As a seasoned road warrior I was relatively unfazed by my forced stop in Switzerland. My case was stuffed with cables, connectors, adaptors, MiFi and all the other paraphernalia of a seasoned traveller. I just forgot spare socks, toothpaste and brush. You can't have everything.

We rely so much on our devices, particularly our last resort the iPhone, these days that it's essential to Be Prepared. Inevitably, though, something gets missed. Such as a USB car charger that I didn't expect to need for a flight from Greece to England. I had to buy another one. I also stocked up with yet another of those 3G data modem dongles to add to my ever-growing collection. Why is it obligatory to take yet another Huawei every time you want a SIM to put in your MiFi? 

Anyway, this little beauty cost me 99 francs ($83, £60). But that includes the cost of the SIM and a 20 franc credit. Yet another charging structure though and it is becoming very difficult to remember them all. This time, SwissCom charges 1 franc per MB ($0.94 or 61p) with a maximum daily rate of 7 Fr ($6.50, £4.28). This isn't a bad deal, since you can effectively take unlimited data for a relatively small daily charge. It's ok for occasional use which is all I'm going to give it on my visits to the country.

If you travel around the globe and spend more than a day or so in a country it's worth grabbing a SIM and yet another modem, because data roaming charges are still prohibitive. I imagine the day will come soon when we can buy a SIM without being saddled with another free Hyundai or however you pronounce it.

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