MacBook Pro Deliveries: Volcano dust delays new Apples

Posted on by Mike Evans

Author: Michael Evans

Having got my body back to the UK after four days of trekking across Europe, I was not surprised to see that Apple's deliveries have also fallen foul of the Great Dust. My new MacBook Pro 13.3-in 2.66GHz, tricked out with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, is still stuck somewhere, presumably in Ireland.

Shipped toLONDON, GB16 Apr 2010
Estimated Delivery Date (Subject to change)19 Apr 2010 (Subject to change) 
Current Delivery StatusShipment delayed due to weather conditions - please contact carrier for update18 Apr 2010

I suppose it's not surprising, but there must be many eager punters disappointed by the non-appearance of their new toy. And it's an indication of what must be happening throughout the economy. My Piel Frama case for my (not yet purchased) iPad is also stuck somewhere in a Spanish despatch depot. All this is insignificant when compared to the plight of countless thousands of air passengers, as I know from bitter personal experience, but it will take weeks for the backlog of commercial deliveries to clear. Any bets on when my MB Pro will arrive?

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