MacBook Volcano: Our deliveries fly back back to Korea

Posted on by Mike Evans

Author: Michael Evans

Reader mdanie2 who, like me and thousands of others, has been waiting over a week for his new MacBook Pro, surprised me this morning with news that his computer had gone back to Korea of all places. Sure enough, I checked and it looks as though my package, which was sent from Shanghai to Cologne on April 16, has now been sent to Incheon in Korea. The strange thing is that is was sent to Incheon from Shanghai, the origin of the package.

Maybe it never left Shanghai in the first place and the Cologne tracking was merely a stack of expectant paperwork. Or maybe Cologne sent the consignments back to Shanghai for some unfathomable reason. Or, improbably, Apple have frozen all the stock in Cologne and duplicated the orders from Shanghai.

The good news is that after six days of no action, our computers are now going somewhere. No one, I suspect, can fathom the mind of the great UPS, but I can't help wondering why Korea? It's hardly nearer than Shanghai and, at this rate, we could be waiting months.

As far as I am aware, Apple have made no statement on the affair, nor have I or mdanie2 received an email to apologise for the delay.

UPDATE 22/4/10 18.30: My much-travelled MacBook Pro is now in Warsaw. Shanghai, Cologne, Shanghai, Korea, Warsaw. Wherever next? Surely not London?

UPDATE 23/4/10 09.00: After an overnight flight from Warsaw, the MacBook has now arrived back in Cologne (for the second time) but is stuck because of "adverse weather conditions." A quick check shows that is is currently warm and sunny in Germany, just like in London.  But why could it not have been sent direct from Warsaw to London? And why did it go all the way back from Cologne to Korea in the first place? So what gives, UPS?

UPDATE 24/4/10 05.00: After 24 hours stuck in Cologne's adverse weather (too much sunshine?) the package has landed on British soil at East Midlands Airport, about 120 miles north of London. As I type it is probably in a truck negotiating the M1 motorway. It's weekend, though, so not much hope of seeing it before Monday. At least it is better off than the thousands of people still stranded abroad as a result of Iceland's revenge. 

UPDATE 26/4/10: Flown all of 100 miles from East Midlands Airport to Stansted, north of London. Now out for delivery! At least I will have a seasoned tourist on my desk.

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