Little Workhorse: iPhone v MacBook Air

Posted on by Mike Evans

Author: Michael Evans

Since I took delivery of my iPhone 3GS last October I have been relying on it more and more and carrying my MacBook Air less and less often. Reliable synhronisation of crucial data (built-in PIM apps via MobileMe, OmniFocus, Evernote and Dropbox) has encouraged me to make the iPhone my mini-tablet of choice when I'm out and about.

Many of these posts (including this one) are sumitted from my phone, either through TypePad's own app or through MacJournal for iPhone. The only problem lies in the absence of advanced formatting and ability to handle photos and links efficiently. 

But there is now very little I need to do on OS X that cannot wait until I get back to the office.

The new OS 4, with multitasking, unified mail and Bluetooth keyboard support, can only enhance an already satisfactory user experience. 

And thanks to Amazon and the Kindle Store, the iPhone is now a very respectable book reader At the moment, it is my primary choice for books. I love the way my placeholders and notes stay in sync across platforms (iPhone and Mac for now, iPad next month). My much-loved Sony Touch Edition now sits on a shelf in the gadgets cupboard.

So, really, I have 99% of what I need in my pocket when I am out and about. 

While waiting for delivery of the iPad (do I really need one?) I have completely ditched the MacBook Air and will go totally iPhone. If there are shortcomings I will report back.

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