Typepad: iOS4 solves some problems

Posted on by Mike Evans

This blog is hosted by and I've long complained about their flaky iPhone app. In short, this is probably the worst notes application I've seen. Unlike other applications, where the typing line stays in sight above the virtual keyboard, the Typepad app scrolls the typing line down below the keyboard so you can't see what you are writing. Every time you try to scroll the text above the keyboard is springs back.

It's not as though this is a new problem. We've been struggling with it for nearly a year and no update has come from Typepad. Now, in a way, iOS4 comes to the rescue because it's now possible to use the iPad keyboard for composition.

With the keyboard attached the virtual keyboard disappears, so the typing line stays in sight. However, if the screen fills the same problem arises - the typing line falls below the bottom of the screen. We have some improvement, but it is still a poor app.

At least the iPhone app has now overcome another big problem - removal of paragraph spacing. Previously, submitting a blog post resulted in removal of all paragraphs and left the text in one block. This now doesn't happen.

Come on, Typepad, let's have a new version.

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