iPhone 4: Makes the iPad look so old fashioned

Posted on by Mike Evans

Overview-facetime-20100607I haven't seen any comments so far, but don't you think the new iPhone 4 makes the two-month-old iPad look quite retro? The iPad really does look like an outside 3GS iPhone, down to the curved back and the narrow chromed bezel. The iPhone 4, by contrast, looks completely up to the minute with its front and back glass and stainless-steel frame. In performance, too, it seems that the new iPhone will be able to give the iPad a run for its money thanks to the common A4 processor. In screen terms, the new phone is outstandingly better than the iPad, offering 78 percent of the pixels on the much larger iPad display. 

Blow up the iPhone 4 and we have a pretty good idea of what next year's iPad 2 will look like. I'm feeling fair shortchanged with the iPad and I fully expect to be spending more time with the iPhone 4 when it lands on my desk. As a book reader, with the high-resulution screen, it should be superb.

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