Kindle: Amazon ad glares at iPad

Posted on by Mike Evans

Amazon's new television advertisement highlighting glare on the iPad screen is a curious development. Surely the iPad is not a competitor of the Kindle? I suspect almost nobody buys an iPad to use simply as a book reader. Reading on the iPad is a bonus. The glare question - which is overrated in any case - is not a major factor in decision making.

Currently I'm assessing the new Kindle as a book-reading device against the iPad and iPhone. One thing is clear already: for every instance of glare on the iPad screen, there are half a dozen moments when the Kindle screen needs more light. Unless you have strong natural or artificial light, the Kindle's e-ink display is tiring.

It seems that both e-ink and backlit LDC have their pros and cons; neither is absolutely perfect. Perhaps Amazon should avoid throwing stones in the glass house, especially when it is totally unnecessary because the devices are absolutely not competitors.

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