Mobile Me: Goodbye true and faithful servant, you'll be missed

Posted on by Mike Evans

While waiting for Apple to open the pearly gates to iCloud, I've been pondering on what I will miss most about Mobile Me. Despite its initial traumas, MM has been a paragon of reliability and all my devices have been kept in sync. I know others have had problems, but I have to say my experience has been good.

Unfortunately, the move to iCloud ditches a number of sync operations we have taken for granted. Dock and widget sync I can live without. But I have found bookmarks, keychain and email account synchronisation extremely useful. In fact, bookmark synchronisation is one of the reasons I have stuck doggedly by Safari on my Macs.

Since I started using 1Password's keychain, synchronised via Dropbox, I've been storing less in the OS X keychain. But there is still enough system stuff there to warrant keeping it in sync between Macs.

Maybe Apple think that these lost Mobile Me sync functions will be taken over by third-party software. I certainly hope so and I would be first in line for a reliable bookmark sync.

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