Woof woof, Siri, I'm jealous

Posted on by Mike Evans

We’re all besotted with Siri but, it seems, this enthusiasm isn’t shared by pets, especially dogs. As soon as I start talking to my new digital friend my dog goes bananas. At first she thinks I’m talking to her, and looks at me agog with interest, trying to make sense of what I’m saying. Siri’s reply produces the head-from-side-to-side reaction, followed by inquisitive sniffing and pawing of the iPhone.

My cat, on the other hand, glares disdainfully as though I’ve taken leave of my senses, decides it’s nothing to do with him and goes back to sleep. As cats do. It’s probably a good thing I don’t currently own a parrot or we’d have endless confusion.

In time, though, I can see Siri being very useful in pet management once we can get him to speak the reminders out loud. “Fetch slippers” would be an ideal chivvy just before I get home in the evening

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