Crash Recovery: Finding a savvy friend to offer offsite backup

Posted on by Mike Evans

Don McAllister, The Mac Screencast Guy, has had a brilliant idea: find a “friend” with a fast Broadband connection, who is prepared to host a backup server. It beats sending an external disk or a stack of discs to grandma every week.

At the moment I rely on Dropbox (100GB) for my crucial stuff and, of course, I don’t have anything like the data requirements of Don, who runs a successful company and handles a ton of video. I’m meticulous about backups and have two Drobos, the usual Time Machine and several portable drives for when I’m travelling. I’m pretty well covered. Except if the office burned down or all my stuff got nicked.

On-line backup systems such as Backblaze can be slow, particularly during the initial backup which can take weeks. Amazon S3 I’ve tried and it is certainly faster, but it can be expensive. So, any Offsite Backup Affiliates out there?

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