Kindle Fire: A conversation with Amazon Annie

Posted on by Mike Evans

Amazon is buying voice recognition company Yap, perhaps to pave the way for a Siri-like experience on tablets and future phones. This is an exciting development and I can already conjure up a typical conversation with the ever-helpful Amazon Annie:

Me: Annie! Wake me up at 8 am.

Amazon Annie: Hi, thanks Michael, Amazon Annie here.  Before arranging that, can I interest you in these wonderful Western Digital 2TB drives at a very attractive price? Or maybe a new camera? I have some very interesting digital offers this week.

Me: No thanks, Annie, just the wake up call

Amazon Annie: Yes, right, but I remember you once showed an interest in the SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad with Fleece Cover for your cat. Perhaps you’d like to order the Sureflap Microchip Catflap? I could deliver it free tomorrow morning with Amazon Prime.

Me: Just forget it, I’ll set my own alarm.


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