SatNav: Devices face fierce competition from smartphones

Posted on by Mike Evans

It's sad to see that all is not well at TomTom. My first satnav device was a TomTom which cost as much as an iPad. It worked well, but it did only one thing and one thing doesn't seem to be enough for a consumer device days. I now use the TomTom app on my iPhone, but there is a lot of competition out there in the AppStore where it is the software rather than the physical design of the device that counts.

I believe we will see the same type of attrition in the dedicated ebook reader market. Despite the success of the Kindle, prices of readers are plummeting and they are facing an increasingly stiff challenge from multi-function devices such as Apple's iPad and iPhone. People will no longer pay through the nose for a dedicated device; and even if it is as cheap as can be they will think twice about buying it when they already have a smartphone or tablet able to handle the same books.

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