Training: Learn something new every day

Posted on by Mike Evans

Yesterday, by arrangement, I sat in on a beginner's induction workshop at Apple's Covent Garden store in London. I'd intended to take part in a more advanced gathering but it was cancelled. So I was propelled to the beginner's course. What me? Start from scratch? I vowed I'd keep my mouth shut and not come over as a know-all, but I needn't have worried. I actually learned something. Onetoone_getgoing20091211

The 90-minute introduction to Macs was professionally executed, as you would expect from Apple, and I met a clutch of interesting people who had just switched from Windows to Macs. Several had lots of computer experience while a couple appeared to be new to computers. I really wish I'd done something like this when I bought my first Mac. I might have had a better grounding and avoided some of the teething troubles.

What did I learn? Well, three things, all very basic  But if I mention them you'll laugh. All I can say is try a beginners' workshop even if you think you know it all. You probably don't.

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