Mac App Store: 2,225 apps only two months after launch

Posted on by Mike Evans

The Mac App Store now has 2,225 programs only two months after launch of the service, compared with just over 8,000 in the iOS AppStore at the same point. This insight comes from Distimo ("We Know App Stores"). These are the major findings:

  • Less than two months after the launch of the MacAppStore, a top-300 Mac application already generates half the revenue of a top-300 iPad application on average.
  • The average selling price of the top 300 applications is seven times higher in the Mac App Store ($11.21) than on the iPhone ($1.57) and almost three times higher than on the iPad ($4.19).
  • The Mac App Store has 2,225 applications available in the store approximately two months post-launch. Comparatively, the Apple App Store for iPad had 8,099 applications two months post-launch.

Source: Via Asymco

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