OmniFocus: Get more with custom perspectives

Posted on by Mike Evans

OmniFocus is my favourite task and project manager for Mac and iOS. Its greatest strength is its flexibility and its ability to show your workload in any conceivable way to suit your own needs. This is achieved by Perspectives which give you the ability to design your own view so you can see just those items that you need at a particular time.

Perspectives are the heart of OmniFocus and its most powerful feature. The program comes with a stack of ready-made views (which you can alter and save if you wish) but creating a new perspective from scratch needs a bit of thought. Enter Sven.

Sven Fechner of, one of my favourite hands-on productivity bloggers, has published a very detailed guide on working with perspectives, including a step-by-step run through his "Today" view. If, like me, you are an OmniFocus groupie, this article is required reading.

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