Little Orange Typewriter—Screensaver for writers

Posted on by Mike Evans

I just can't resist a typewriter. There's something so satisfying about a mechanical writing machine that puts modern keyboards (especially virtual keyboards) in the shade. Not surprising, then, that I was entranced by John Carey's shots of the little orange typewriter on FiftyFootShadows. John produces superb photographs and specialises in wonderful screen savers for all our devices. You can download the orange typewriter series from the site.

This has prompted me to climb into the loft and retrieve my beautiful little grey-green Olivetti Lettera 22, surely the prettiest portable typewriter ever produced. Prior to 1990 it was the stock-in-trade of every itinerant journalist and enthusiasts would get all iPaddish about its virtues. Simple, simple days (memo to OmniFocus: Buy New Ribbon)


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