Kindle: New tablet from Amazon with Android OS

Posted on by Mike Evans

Evidence is mounting that Amazon intend to enter the tablet market and the newcomer could be the next generation Kindle. has speculated on the possibility of a sister LED version of the Kindle or, perhaps, a complete move of the Kindle platform to a new colour LED tablet running Android.

Currently e-ink screens are very slow and don’t handle tablet computing functions well. There’s no doubt they are make good ereaders, though. There has been talk about the next Kindle having a colour e-ink screen but this would not overcome the speed limitations and would offer no competition to the iPad and the dozens of newcomers set to flood the market.

It makes perfect sense for Amazon to enter the tablet market because they have a strong following and an enviable brand image. I believe we will see a Kindle tablet, probably running Android, but there will still be room for the cheaper, e-ink device to appeal to those who simply want a reading device.

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