Apple a day: Enter the CoxBook Pro and the iCox, exit the Mac

Posted on by Mike Evans

A Mac a day keeps the doctor away: Proof of the old apple saw comes in new research at Florida University. An Apple really is good for you. Unfortunately the Mac we know and love it isn’t at all popular in Britain. Here we’re turned on by the Gala, the Cox, the Braeburn, the Egremont Russet and the Worcester Pearmain.

Last April I speculated on the happenstance of Apple choosing the McIntosh¹ apple as the name for its new computer. If other fruits had been more popular with Jef Raskin at the time, history could have been changed. We could now be working on an iCox or carrying around a CoxBook Pro in our messenger bag.

¹ The name had to be changed to Macintosh for legal reasons

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