iPad to blame for everything. Price of pride just $499 at your nearest Apple Store

Posted on by Mike Evans

One US Congressman is blaming Apple’s “magical” device for loss of jobs, from those of bookshop employees to workers in publishing and printing. And Steve Jobs is wrecking the American economy to boot. Crazy logic? Not if you are Jesse Jackson Jnr, it isn’t. Where I come from we call this Luddism.

Meanwhile, over in Rome the Pope is keen to get in on the technology boom and predicts damnation for those who cleave too strongly to the miraculous tablet: “Man will pay the price for his pride¹ if he believes technology can give him the powers of God.” This advice for the Easter weekend, with all its ups and downs, is an awful warning to the iPad-toting faithful everywhere. Expect sales to plummet in godfearing regions.

When you start hearing opinions like this you can be sure technology has arrived. Must rush to the Apple Store to make an offering before my luck runs out.

Sources: The excellent Jack Loftus writing on Gizmodo, Reuters, Business Insider


¹ An enticing $499 when I last checked the Priceofpridelist.


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