How to use Evernote as the heart of your GTD system

Posted on by Mike Evans

Evernote has had a place in my life for several years. It's a convenient place to dump interesting web pages and reference documents. But I've never seriously looked at it as the basis of a system—for that I rely on OmniFocus. I've never really figured out just how Evernote could be used as a GTD¹ workflow. Yesterday I came across an old item on and I make no apologies for dredging it up. The article gives a clear overview of how to set up a working system within Evernote. I'm a sucker for a good system and, although I don't think I could give up my addiction to OmniFocus, you might be tempted by the idea of an efficient and free GTD system within Evernote. I'd also recommend a look at the article comparing Evernote with Springpad, a new competitor for the venerable notekeeper.

Brett Kelly has produced a wonderful step-by-step guide to Evernote and you can find it here.


¹ Getting Things Done

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