iCal: Year view long overdue, comes to OS X Lion

Posted on by Mike Evans

One of the things I miss most in iCal (and BusyCal, my preferred alternative) is a full-year view for long-term planning. I remember in pre-computer days every office had a Sasco year planner pinned to the wall. We'd stick on symbols and coloured stickers to give the work team a complete overview of what was scheduled for the year. I've had to learn to manage without manual aids like that, but I'm pleased to hear that a year view is coming to a revised iCal in OS X Lion this summer. What isn't clear from the preview is whether this new year view is simply a year calendar or whether it is interactive, enabling the display of colour-coding or dots to represent events. It would be particularly useful to be able to show multi-day, all-day events (such as vacations). We will have to wait for more details to emerge. 

Source: AppleInsider

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