Vodafone: Strange case of 1GB iPhone data usage on one day

Posted on by Mike Evans

Last autumn I changed my iPhone contract from O2 to Vodafone. I now have a 1GB monthly data limit compared with the 500MB I had with O2. My main motivation for change, though, was Vodafone’s cheaper roaming charges and daily bundles. Throughout four years with O2 I have never exceeded 250MB data usage in a month, so I felt confidence in the new higher limit.

I was therefore surprised to find I had gone over the 1GB in February and had incurred a supplementary charge. I could see no less than 1.2GB was used in one day in mid-February. When I checked, I realised I was on a plane that day and didn’t even have the Vodafone SIM in my phone until late in the evening. For the previous two weeks I had used a Greek SIM so there was no question of a late charge.

Naturally I queried this with Vodafone but they were unhelpful. They said it was impossible to check where or how the data had been used. I am not prepared to accept this explanation and I worry that such large amounts of data can appear from nowhere. As you know, 1.2GB is an unfeasible amount of data for an iPhone in a single day, even if I downloaded the odd movie, which I didn’t.

It isn’t acceptable for a service provider to claim ignorance. They must be able to check where the usage took place, at least, and provide some reasonable explanation. Otherwise we are handing them a blank cheque. More on this when I get the next reply.

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