Hitpad for iPad presents trending news in bite-size chunks

Posted on by Mike Evans

News junkies like me spend a lot of time with Reeder, Mr.Reader, NetNewsWire and, of course, Instapaper. But sometimes it’s good to be able to get a quick overview of what’s happening in the wider world. Hitpad for iPad attempts to do this and it largely succeeds. It offers “trending today” topics in a wide range of categories, including a good stab at UK news, from a variety of sources, including Twitter, which is often where big stories originate.

The trending topics are fully customisable and the developers say that the application learns your interests as you use it. It’s possible to connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper (Marco gets everywhere, I think).

I’ve been using Hitpad for a few days now and I definitely think it’s worth a try, especially since it is free from the App Store.

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