Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt iMacs on course for next week

Posted on by Mike Evans

Patiently I've been waiting for the new iMacs with Sandy Bridge onboard and it looks like that this forbearance is soon to be rewarded. Rumours have been pointing to next week as the launch date and this target is now reinforced by customer reports that shipments have been delayed, almost certainly pending arrival of the new models. 9to5 Mac has more details.

Last year I sold my previous-generation iMac and this month my Spring-2010 13in MacBook Pro went to a proud new owner. At the moment my only Mac is the 11in MacBook Air, currently my all-time favourite laptop. So a new desktop Mac is needed and I shall be one of the first in line for a 27in model when the store opens for business, hopefully next Tuesday or Wednesday.

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