Angst in the world of dedicated ebook readers

Posted on by Mike Evans

Tony Cole of eBookAnoid, the world’s greatest enthusiast for e-ink book readers, is having a moment of angst:

“Then came the iPad and the whole thing changed.”

There are two distinct camps in the blossoming ebook world: Those who prefer a multi-function device with backlit screen, such as the iPad; and those who like the minimalist, no-distraction environment provided by the likes of the Kindle. Tony has no doubt and is firmly in the no-frills, head-down-and-just-read camp. I, on the other hand, have tried the Kindle and, before that, Sony readers but now definitely prefer a backlit screen and the convenience of carrying just one device that offers versatility.

Now, though, the tremendous world-wide success of the iPad has upset e-ink’s applecart a little, despite the acknowledged success of the latest Kindle.

Read Tony’s heart search here.

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