eBooks: Are indie booksellers about to challenge Amazon

Posted on by Mike Evans

There's an inexorable move away from physical books to ebooks and the implications for the high-street chain bookstores are dire. Two days ago I highlighted how I routinely browse the shelves of my local store but buy the books I like from Amazon's Kindle store. It seems I'm not alone. The problem, though, is whether we are making Amazon too powerful. Once the bookstores have disappeared, will the price of ebooks rocket? I'm not so sure they will, because there will be increasing competition in the electronic book market. Who knows, even Apple's iBookStore could have a surprise spurt in market share, and then there's Google, the elephant in the room.

Ace ebook blogger Tony Cole of thinks he has discovered an interesting phenomenon—the rise of the indie ebook store. Amazon, he maintains, is too impersonal. With the new brand of indie stores you can chat to a real person, usually an enthusiast. Read more here.

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