iPad as a tool for photographers, possible replacement for laptop

Posted on by Mike Evans

Most of us Macfans are also keen photographers and I’ve long relied on the detailed test reports and reviews compiled at Today, while ferreting around various views on the new Nikon D7000, I came across this comprehensive assessment of the iPad as a photographers’ tool.

Fascinating stuff, especially to see the iPad from the perspective of an enthusiast or, even, professional photographer. The question posed is whether or not the iPad can replace a small laptop (such as the 11-in MacBook Air) for the photographer on the road. “Tool or Toy”, asks reviewer Barnaby Britton. The conclusions are surprising, so read the full test.

The review includes a run-down on some App Store gems for the photographer, including the free Adobe Photoshop Express and the much more capable Photogene for iPad ($2.99). It’s valuable to get a professional photographer’s view on these apps rather than the computer-centric view taken by most reviewers.

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