Publishers on Hogwarts Express: No light at end of the tunnel

Posted on by Mike Evans

Big things are happening in the normally sedate world of book publishing. Publishers are aboard the Hogwarts Express and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It needed one world-class author to cock a snook at the industry and J.K.Rowling has done that.

And it isn’t only the traditional publishers with their noses out of joint. Apple and Amazon will also lose out as the Harry Potter author goes it alone with her new Pottermore site. She’s also going DRM-free and this is causing an even bigger stir as you will see from this BlogKindle post. Of course, Master Potter alone does not a revolution make, but Rowling is the most high-profile author to break the bonds. Others will follow. Where will this leave the publishers and, even more interesting for us, the closed eco-systems of Apple, Kindle and others?

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