Google googles a fortune, business booming

Posted on by Mike Evans

Leaps in Apple’s fortunes are becoming old hat. And next Tuesday’s figures are again forecast to exceed expectations. Yet only last week I was reading that Google’s results, announced yesterday, could be disappointing. Not so. The search giant has reported a 36% quarterly rise in net profits and shares surged 11 percent in extended trading. Apple never seems to get the same sort of stock-market approval however good its results. Google is clearly on a roll, and the Google+ social networking site is signing up users in their millions.

All this points to a two-tier economy. With Europe in crisis and the US and UK not doing much better, you could be forgiven for thinking that consumers have put up the barricades and shopping malls are empty. As far as I can see, there’s little real evidence of that. Business seems to be booming, and nowhere more than in the tech world. There’s no recession in iPad or iPhone sales, and other companies such as Google are sharing in the bonanza.

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