MacBook Airs, Pros, Minis, OS Lion, iCloud, iOS 5 all part of Autumn fare

Posted on by Mike Evans

Thinner, lighter iPhones, iPads with higher-resolution displays: The rumour mill is in full production as we wait to find out what Apple really does have in store for us this Autumn. What the Apple world is expecting for sure are updated MacBook Airs and the arrival of Lion, probably within the next two weeks. There are also strong indications that we will see revised Mac Pros and Mac Minis. All this will be followed closely by the arrival of iOS 5 and full implementation of iCloud. Apple’s stock has been forging ahead again, after a fallow period, as analysts weigh up the announcements and wait for the quarter’s results next week. It looks like another bumper period for Apple news and prospects is assured.

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