HP should give TouchPad buyers a new iPad or money back

Posted on by Mike Evans

M.G.Siegler on HP CEO Leo Apotheker’s shock withdrawal from the tablet market:

But wait, then why is he exiting the tablet space after only a matter of weeks? Because when Apotheker says “the tablet effect”, he really means “the iPad effect”. Put another way, “Apple, you win.”

It was only yesterday morning that rumours were circulating to the effect that Best Buy had bought over 250,000 HP TouchPads but had sold only 25,000. Then came the bombshell. Not only will HP drop their tablet, they are also planning to get out of the PC market by spinning off their product lines just as IBM did with Lenovo.

I feel sorry for the many thousands of consumers who put their faith in HP and bought a TouchPad. In view of the sudden and disastrous decision, the least HP can do is give them all an iPad

Source: TechCrunch


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