HP Goodwill: A brand in tatters

Posted on by Mike Evans

Goodwill: It’s the trust in a product, in a company, in a brand. And HP just trashed their goodwill for good. Yesterday I was half joking when I said HP should give TouchPad buyers a free iPad. But only just. Those people bought the company’s reputation when they decided on a TouchPad. They believed it would be good because HP said it was a was. They were probably not too put off by all the bad reviews because they were confident HP would get everything right in the end. That confidence, that loyalty to the HP brand, is now shattered.

Imagine if Apple introduced a product, sold a hundred thousand or so and then withdrew it within weeks. Would you be happy that your $600 device was now selling for $99? Or that there was no future, no software updates, hardly any applications? If I were a TouchPad buyer I would be incandescent with rage. I would never trust HP again. Ever. HP has just done so much damage to its reputation that I doubt the company has a future in the consumer field. I wouldn’t even buy an HP printer cartridge after this. They should do the decent thing and refund everyone. The total cost would be but a fraction of the cash they’ve just spent buying Autonomy. And they might just rescue a shred of their reputation.

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