iBooks: Why Apple fails to compete with Amazon

Posted on by Mike Evans

This article by Erica Sadun in TUAW explains why Apple fails to compete with Amazon in the electronic book market. iBooks is a cul-de-sac. Tough titty if you want to read your iBooks on anything other than an iOS device. There isn’t even an OS X reader¹. Amazon, to its credit, offers a Kindle application for anything that has a screen. Buy an Amazon book and it’s future proof. You will probably be able to grab a chapter on your fridge door next year. This is the one reason I never buy from the iBookstore. It is why Apple needs to get its act together and offer some real competition.


¹ Can anyone please explain why Apple has not seen fit to offer a free iBooks app for Mac in the App Store? It surely isn’t lack of ability, so it must be a part of some mysterious long-term strategy to strangle iBooks at birth.

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