MacBook Air: Rippling screen means replacement

Posted on by Mike Evans

My trusty late-2010 11in Air has been behaving oddly. Two months ago I noticed a constant rippling on the display, a bit like a wave moving from bottom to top. I hoped it would go away but no luck on that score.

This morning I took it to see a Genius at the Covent Garden Apple store. He said the cause was probably analogue interference. He whisked it off to check internal connectors but the problem wasn’t solved.

The computer has now been taken in for surgery and will get a new display within seven to ten days.

With File Vault switched on my data is secure; and they didn’t need the password. The prospective bill for this operation is £244 so I am glad I had the foresight to take out Apple Care.

More on this when I collect the invalid.

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