Only one LunaTik in the House of Lords?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Rachel Sylvester writes today in The Times about the Government’s obsession with technology:

George Osborne [Chancellor of the Exchequer] is even more of a technophile [than David Cameron]—his preferred cycling gear when in Opposition was a Mozilla Firefox T-shirt, in honour of the browser of choice for geeks. Lord Young of Graffam, the bow-tie wearing former Trade and Industry Secretary, who is 80 next month, has rigged up his own wireless network and Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad in his No 10 office. Recently he has taken to wearing on his wrist an iPod Nano converted into a watch, using a special strap purchased from a crowd-funded inventor’s website.

In case anyone is wondering, the “crowd-funded inventor’s (sic) website” must be Kickstarter where the LunaTik watch strap was launched by Scott Wilson. I got one hot off the metal press, as you know, and, unlike His Lordship, I’m too self-conscious to wear it. Tick tock.

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