Daily Postings: The trials of a web writer

Posted on by Mike Evans

I can fully sympathise with Don McAllister of The Mac Screencast Guy who has just written to admit that his last blog post was on October 24, 2011. I know the feeling. I’ve just taken a week off and I’m well aware how difficult it is to get back to regular writing. The experts tell us that a post a day is the way to get noticed.

Don has a thrivingly successful business and has every excuse for not keeping up a daily bulletin. I, on the other hand, have absolutely no excuses because I am retired and do this totally for fun. I just enjoy writing, something I once had to do for a living and a discipline I miss in retirement.


Unlike Don, who has good reasons, I have to manufacture quasi excuses to push the keyboard temporarily to one side. Last week it was the occasion of yet another train excursion with train-buff friends. A twelve-hour sleeper journey from London to Fort William, followed by a cable-car ride to the snowy ski-slopes of Ben Nevis, kept me fully occupied and reluctant to blog.

There are compensations as you can see from this through-the-train-window shot of a sun-dappled Rannoch Moor. Breakfast in such stunning surroundings has to be something to savour.

So now I’m back. And a renewed welcome to Don, also newly returned to the fray.


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