iPad plus keyboard or MacBook Air: The dilemma continues

Posted on by Mike Evans

MacBook Air or iPad+keyboard? I’ve posed this question often enough and continue to go through phases of carrying my 11in Air and then having a few weeks with the iPad alone, or teamed with an Apple wireless keyboard.

Ben Brooks has again raised the issue in his thoughtful article this morning. He, too, finds it difficult to decide on the perfect on-the-road combination. He has bought the Incase Origami Workstation which holds the Apple keyboard and folds out to provide an iPad stand. I reviewed this in August and found it to my liking. It certainly makes the iPad more like a laptop and narrows the perceived gap between Air and iPad.

It really is a difficult choice. Frankly, I am lucky to own both MacBook Air and iPad. I would be hard pressed to make a decision if I could afford only one device. The iPad does almost everything and, combined with a physical keyboard, is a productive workhorse. Yet it cannot wholly replace a traditional computer at the moment.

Ben’s conclusion is very similar to mine. Blog posting, in particular handling links and pictures, is much easier on the Air than on the iPad. Picture insertion in iOS is awkward and time consuming and it is one of the main reasons I could not consider the iPad my only portable device. 

(Via The Brooks Review)

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