Pixel peeping in the Apple Store. Exit left of stage

Posted on by Mike Evans

Clearly Apple has been mightily stung by allegations that the iPad mini's non-retina display is sub par. Or, at least, sub iPad par. During the sales pitch at Covent Garden an hour ago I happened to mention ever-so-slight, maybe, possible disappointment with that miniature screen. At the merest reference to screen resolution and Mrs. Gruber's "Ew, the screen is terrible" comment, I was exposed to the full party line. The blueshirts must have been up all night listening to Dominant Boss Leader Chief Pig and getting all their farmyard ducks in a row. "I like it, I love it", said my blueshirt. Zoom, zoom. "Now can you see any pixels, can you really?" Well, I ventured, not really, but it does look a bit flat and unvibrant compared with my iPad retina. "Not true! It's wonderful and it's all you need. Maybe you should take a wifi version now before we run out." I ran out.

by Mike Evans, 2 November 2012

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