Using Evernote and OmniFocus as a team

Posted on by Mike Evans

As a user of both Evernote and OmniFocus, I have so far failed to set up a reliable way of combining the two. So I was more than interested in this article by Thanh Pham at How to use Omnifocus and Evernote Together.

For you readers with an iPhone and/or iPad you guys will love this. Assuming you have Omnifocus and Evernote on your iOS device, these links pointing back to the Evernote note work on iOS as well. That means you can setup your notes on your desktop, reference them in a task in Omnifocus on the desktop and within Omnifocus on your iPhone you can tap on the note’s link which will open the note in Evernote on your mobile device. Isn’t that cool?

There’s a lot of good stuff here and I would recommend it all who rely on both OmniFocus and Evernote.

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